Aquatech 2019: Measuring and control panel: DULCOTROL DWCa for water treatment

November 2019

ProMinent GmbH, a full-line supplier of components, systems and solutions for water treatment exhibit at the Aquatech 2019 in Amsterdam an improved product line of measuring- and control systems named DULCOTROL DWCa

The DULCOTROL® DWCa are completely mounted, ready-to-work panels for online measuring/ control of water treatment processes. They are configured in a variety of designs, to match the individual requirements in the applications from drinking water to waste water.

This is enabled by following components on the panels:

  • NEW in the DULCOTROL line: the multifunctional Controller DULCOMETER® diaLog DACb which can control 1…3 measured variables and 1…4 metering pumps at once and is equipped with a lot of comfortable control-, documentation- and communication functionalities. The interfaces for Modbus, Profibus, Profinet and LAN are available for communication with a higher-level control system
  • A variety of online sensors for the 13 most important measured variables for water treatment are available, including pH, redox, conductivity, a lot of disinfectants and oxidants, turbidity, fluoride and temperature
  • Different bypass sensor housings are selected, to adapt to water quality from clean to polluted water
  • Comprehensive optional accessories are available, e.g. pressure reducer, filter, heat exchanger and sample water pump

Following benefits are given

  • The variety of configurations of the DULCOTROL panels enables perfect selection for the special application
  • The application optimized configuration can be easily ordered by a simple user oriented identcode system - no technical knowhow needed.
  • Quick, easy installation and commissioning of the whole measuring station without the risk of selecting wrong components and failures when mounting them.

The exhibit of a DULCOTROL DWCa at the Aquatech is aimed at drinking water with the applications

  • Dissolved Oxygen to optimize ventilation for deferrization- demanganization The NEW optical sensor type DO3 enables more accurate measured values and significantly reduce maintenance intervals and thus operating costs
  • Free chlorine and pH to monitor the disinfection process The free chlorine sensor type CGE3 enables accurate and reliable online measured values because the measuring electrodes are protected by a membrane which is resistant against deposit forming ingrediants of drinking water. The sensor additionally shows low pH dependency which contributes to higher reliability in applications with higher and/or fluctuating pH. The pH sensor type PHEP shows accurate reliable measurement and long lifetime because of the resistance of the ceramic diaphragm against chlorine

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