Mauritius – heaven on earth

This island in the Indian Ocean is one of the top destinations in the world for luxury tourism. This is why the management of the successful Beachcomber Hotels places its trust in ProMinent's hi-tech systems for sea water desalination and disinfection systems for pool water.

Extensive expertise for complex tasks

The Trou aux Biches Resort & Spa on the north-west coast of Mauritius is located on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and offers everything that one would expect from a luxury hotel. The guests stay in one of the 240 crescent-shaped chalet-style suites, one of the 27 private villas in the middle of a lush tropical garden, or in one of the 66 suites on the beach front.

During an extensive renovation phase a few years ago, the hotel systems were modified and several pools were expanded. This has since led to – believe it or not – 110 pools and nine ponds.

The maintenance-free operation of such a large number of pools is one of the deciding factors in the success of the entire hotel. It is for this reason that the management of Trou aux Biches opted to rely on the advanced water treatment and disinfection technology of ProMinent. Cooperation started in 2007 with the installation of the first sea water reverse osmosis system in one of the many Beachcomber Hotels across the world and continued with the equipping of almost all hotels with the high-performance measuring and control system DULCOMARIN®.

Key figures

  • Luxury hotel with 306 suites, 27 villas and an extravagant spa area
  • Sophisticated water treatment system for 110 pools and nine ponds including a distribution system for disinfectant
  • Versatile application of chlorine dioxide systems for, among other things, disinfection of the inflowing main water supply as well for the elimination of biofilms and cleaning the pipe network
  • Autonomous operation thanks to the professional training of the hotel employees

Successful realisation of the mega project

In March 2011 the renovation phase at Trou aux Biches came to an end, after which, within six months, all swimming pools and ponds were being supplied with hygienic and crystal clear pool water, thanks to the easy-to-use and environmentally-friendly technology they had been equipped with. ProMinent's scope of delivery primarily included the following products and systems: a good 200 metering pumps Beta® and 14 metering pumps gamma/ L; two desalination systems each able to cope with 250 m³ per day; four chlorine dioxide systems Bello Zon® CDVc; one each of the electrolysis systems CHLORINSITU® III and CHLORINSITU® IV; six measuring and control systems DULCOMARIN® II; and countless accessories such as sensors, valves, injectors and flow meters.

The DULCOMARIN® II controller monitors – at any given time – the exact chlorine level in the pool water and guarantees the precision of the pH and ORP potential. All pools are connected to each other via an Ethernet, which means that the maintenance manager has immediate access to all the pool parameters in his technical control centre. On top of this, remote maintenance and control of the entire system can also be performed on an iPad.


  • Reliable operation and remote control of more than 110 pools via six central measuring and control systems DULCOMARIN® II and networked connection of all components via CAN Bus
  • Significant improvement of swimmers' safety and minimisation of the chlorine content thanks to precise metering and control systems, which keep the chlorine content at a constant 0.5 ppm
  • Use of electrolysis system CHLORINSITU® for economic and environmentally-friendly water disinfection
  • Extremely sophisticated system for distribution of sodium-calcium hypochlorite to the individual pools eliminates the risk of chlorine granulate build-up and reduces the handling risk for hotel employees because of the low chlorine concentration
  • Worldwide support and excellent training for the hotel employees contribute significantly to the overall satisfaction of the customer

»We were able to successfully install the excellent DULCOMARIN® controller in most of the pools in our hotels. They offer added value with their precise control of the water quality, which contributes to a better swimming experience for our guests as well as the considerable reduction of chemical consumption in disinfection. The complete traceability of the parameters is particularly helpful in case there are any complaints from our guests about the pools. The biggest plus point is of course the central control via CAN Bus technology. This functionality is used extensively in many of our hotels – the most striking example is the Hotel Trou aux Biches, where more than 110 pools are connected to one another via a CAN Bus network and all parameters can be accessed in the technical control centre.« -  Mathieu Rivet, Technical Director at New Mauritius Hotels Ltd.

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