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To the naked eye, glass looks marvellously smooth. But under the microscope a glass surface resembles a mountain landscape. If you want to securely stick something to this surface, it's a good idea to fill in the 'valleys' first.

Fill in before you start bonding

Why do a job laboriously by hand when a machine can do it faster and to a consistent level of quality? That was the very question asked by a glass processing company in Thuringia in 2013, which decided to contact ProMinent. On site, ProMinent and the glass processing firm carried out tests and identified a solution. The task? The company bonds panes of glass together with double-sided adhesive tape to make laminate glass. But before the tape can be applied to the glass, the surface needs to be prepared by applying a filler which fills in the microscopically small cavities. This makes the surface absolutely smooth so the tape can adhere well to it. The company wanted to apply the filler mechanically instead of by hand.

Key data

  • Bonding of glass panes with double-sided adhesive tape
  • Surface is first prepared with filler
  • Solenoid metering pump delta 0730
  • Low metering volume
  • Uninterrupted filler application all along glass surface

The pump with stamina

A carriage passes over all four sides of the glass plate. A metering pump mounted on the carriage continuously applies a fine layer of filler to the glass. Once it reaches the corner it stops and the carriage turns by 90° to move along the next side. While the carriage is turning, the pump draws in more filler to be ready again. The glass panes vary in size, but may have sides up to 3 metres long, which require an uninterrupted, even application of filler. The Solenoid Driven Metering Pump delta® is perfect for this job because it has an adjustable stroke volume, can handle very small metered quantities and can draw up and discharge the medium slowly and evenly. The PTFE diaphragm is also chemically resistant to the aggressive filler and the pump operates without any leaks.

Crystal-clear benefits: Quality and productivity

  • Stroke volume can be conveniently changed depending on size of glass plate
  • Even filler application thanks to mechanical solution
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower production costs
  • Employees freed up for more demanding tasks

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