Environmental Prize of the Viktor & Sigrid Dulger Foundation

Heidelberg ecotoxicologist Dr Lisa Gölz recently received the Environmental Award from the Viktor and Sigrid Dulger Foundation. The 10,000 euro award recognises her pioneering doctoral thesis at the University of Heidelberg, which deals with the effects of chemicals on the hormone system of fish, in particular the thyroid gland.

In addition to new findings in the field of biomedicine, the dissertation also makes important contributions to animal welfare and environmental protection as well as the handling of chemicals in general, according to the award statement. It is awarded by the Heidelberg Center for the Environment (HCE), the university's environmental science research centre.

Viktor & Sigrid Dulger Foundation: Promotion of science

In the spirit of the late company founder and honorary senator Prof. Dr h.c. Viktor Dulger, young people are honoured for their outstanding work and achievements in the natural sciences. Every year, the Viktor & Sigrid Dulger Foundation endows an environmental prize with which the University of Heidelberg honours outstanding dissertations, master's theses, dissertations or habilitations in the field of environmental research.

Further information on the foundation

Photo: Dr Lisa Gölz (centre) accepts the award from Prof. Dr Thomas Rausch (2nd from left), Managing Director of the HCE, and HCE Board of Directors member Prof. Dr Jale Tosun (left) and Andreas Zühlcke (2nd from right) as representative of the Viktor & Sigrid Dulger Foundation. The doctoral thesis was supervised by Dr Thomas Braunbeck (right).

Picture credits: Heidelberg University - Communication and Marketing (Photo: Philipp Rothe)

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