X-tremely safe: Metering pump gamma/ X sets new standards

March 2015

The gamma/ X is the first metering pump in its class to be driven by a cleverly controlled solenoid and offers so much more than excellent accuracy and efficiency: it also provides outstanding process safety thanks to the automatic monitoring of hydraulic conditions and pressure control without the need for a sensor.

Its innovative control technology gives the new pump an important advantage over conventional technologies: its sophisticated solenoid control detects hydraulic deviations that can have an adverse effect on the metering task. Overpressure, ruptured discharge lines or negative pressure and gas in the dosing head are all detected without the need for an additional sensor in the dosing head. Unlike other metering pumps, it eliminates unnecessary sources of faults in advance.

The gamma/ X shows the current pressure on its display. In the event that the pump exceeds or undershoots pre-set limit values, an alarm becomes visible in the display, which can be transmitted via relays or the bus interface, thereby preventing damage through early detection and shut-down of the system and pump.

Safety without the need for additional components

The integral pressure monitor is a reliable back-up system for the existing manometer and pressure relief valve. Showing the pressure on the display simplifies commissioning, monitoring and troubleshooting. Unlike conventional technologies, the gamma/ X does not need interference-resistant components to measure pressure or detect hydraulic faults. Operating safety is improved, as no additional components come into contact with the feed chemical, there are no additional sealing surfaces and no electronic and metallic components are located in the vicinity of chemicals.

Safety through unambiguous detection

The three-level LED status display on the front of the unit is easy to read from a distance and from all angles, clearly indicating the current operating status and guaranteeing fast and clear detection - regardless of the installation location - from any position. There are therefore virtually no restrictions in terms of installation and positioning.

Safety through optional diaphragm rupture display

The optional diaphragm rupture sensor guarantees additional safety and triggers an alarm, resulting in the metering pump switching off in the event of a simultaneous fault indication.

Operating convenience, efficiency and safety

The integral automatic pressure monitor, status LED and display provide a clear overview of the prevailing operating statuses at all times. Unlike other metering pumps, it eliminates unnecessary sources of faults in advance, thereby improving process safety. The gamma/ X independently ensures smooth metering processes at all times, even with varying process conditions.

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