X-tremely precise metering: Metering pump gamma/ X

March 2015

The gamma/ X is the first metering pump in its class to be driven by a cleverly controlled solenoid and offers so much more than excellent process safety and efficiency: it also delivers excellent accuracy within a wide operating range. It is destined for complex metering tasks of all kinds with a wide adjustment range of 1:2,000 and an operating range of 1 ml/h to 45 l/h, without compromising on accuracy.

The gamma/ X benefits from the many proven properties of the solenoid drive: like its predecessor model, it is low-wear, overload-proof and energy-saving. Its bearing load is independent of the pump load and only one part moves. There is so much more to the new electronics than meets the eye.

Higher product quality through seamless metering processes

Its model-based solenoid control detects varying pressure levels and fully automatically and precisely adjusts its metering behaviour to the prevailing conditions. Automatic bleeding optimises the metering result when metering is affected by gas bubbles produced by gaseous media. The solenoid driven metering pump gamma/ X can protect the system from overpressure, as it detects all pressure deviations. Unlike other metering pumps, it eliminates avoidable sources of error in advance without the need for additional sensors. The intelligent control technology works fully automatically to ensure a seamless metering process, enabling both productivity and product quality to be increased.

Maximum metering quality within a wide capacity range

Thanks to its sophisticated solenoid control and five sizes of dosing head, the gamma/ X operates within a guaranteed broad range without compromising on accuracy: the operating range extends from 1 ml/h to 45 l/h, the adjustment range is 1:2,000 and reproducibility of accuracy is +/- 2%.

The stroke length can be electronically set at between 0 and 100%. Continuous metering characteristics in the form of an elongated metering stroke are beneficial with volume-proportional metering of a chemical into a primary flow, as they ensure good mixing and there is no need for a static mixer in the primary flow. Low-pulsation metering characteristics can also be necessary with rigid metering lines, to prevent damage to the pipework or the pump by excessively strong pulsations of the incompressible metering liquid. The gamma/ X masters all these applications with aplomb. If low-pulsation or continuous metering is called for, the compression stroke can be performed correspondingly slowly on the gamma/ X due to the controlled solenoid drive.

Users benefit from the newly developed solenoid drive on the gamma/ X: they obtain a pump that offers the ultimate in metering quality across a wide capacity range. At the same time, the excellent metering quality, adapted to the medium, cares for the environment by the demand-led metering of chemicals, thereby reducing the cost of chemicals. Additional standard functions guarantee a high level of process safety and efficiency.

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