Solenoid diaphragm metering pump Beta® - New feature for successful all-rounder

March 2015

The numerous adjustment and control functions on the solenoid metering pump Beta® have long made it a successful product range for meeting the requirements of modern water treatment and chemical metering.

It has a fitting dosing head for every chemical, making Beta® suitable for universal use. Added to this are a virtually zero-wear drive and excellent continuous running characteristics, which keep operating costs down. Chemicals can be metered with great accuracy thanks to stroke length settings of 0 - 100% and stroke rate settings in 10 stages between 10 - 100%. What's more, the Beta® can be easily operated with voltages of 100 to 230 V. In 2016 ProMinent is extending the function range of Beta® without restricting its tried and tested characteristics.

The pump will then be available with the option of a 0/4…20 mA input. The standard signal commonly used in industry will allow the pump's performance to be controlled from a remote control room. Adjusting between 0/4…20 mA is incredibly simple: the Beta® integrates the corresponding positions on the Pulse Control Switch. Since the 0/4…20 mA signal is not affected by electromagnetic interference, the Beta® product range can also be safely operated using long control lines. Potential control line failure is recognised as a fault and can be quickly reported to the control room. Another pioneering feature is the very easy way in which the Beta® can be integrated in centrally controlled systems. This new function will continue to make Beta® the product range of choice for water treatment and chemical metering.

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