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September 2014

At the forthcoming interbad, held in Stuttgart from 21st to 24th October 2014, ProMinent will present its energy-saving and environmentally friendly solutions for pools and spas at stand 4D74 in Hall 4: metering systems, electrolysis systems, chlorine dioxide systems, UV systems, solenoid, motor driven and peristaltic pumps and network-compatible controllers.

ProMinent develops and produces systems utilising all common processes for water treatment, focusing on hygiene and disinfection. But setting technology aside, the primary goal is always to ensure that the customer's pool not only looks immaculate but is also safely disinfected and effectively treated. And always in the optimum measuring range with minimal operating costs. The Heidelberg-based company offers complete customer support from expert advice at the planning stage to custom-designed solutions that can be adapted to different processes. And this support doesn't end with delivery of the products or system: ProMinent guarantees to provide extensive service throughout the lifetime of its systems. The company is investing significantly in this area, with service capacity being increased by around 30% since early January 2014.

Economical and straightforward disinfection

DULCODOS® Pool PRC Dosiersystem für das Privat-SchwimmbadHow can measuring and metering be carried out with minimal outlay and maximum convenience in swimming pool applications? To find out, visit ProMinent at stand 4D74 in Hall 4 and see its range of metering systems DULCODOS® Pool. The pool metering systems are preassembled compact water treatment systems for private and hotel pools. Through the individual adjustment and monitoring of hygiene-relevant parameters such as pH, redox and chlorine with user-friendly software and needs-based control, the user can optimise water parameters in line with DIN 19643-1 while reducing operating costs.

No hazardous chemicals

As a safe alternative to other chlorine products, ProMinent is exhibiting its new electrolysis system CHLORINSITU® V plus, an efficient, chloride- and chlorate-free Smart Disinfection solution for the treatment of swimming pool water. The system generates the required disinfectant directly on site from harmless cooking salt. Chloride-free sodium hydroxide is generated at the same time to regulate the pH.

Reliably breaking down chloramines with UV light

Chloramines, the undesirable by-products of swimming pool chlorination, can be eliminated with short-wave UV radiation depending on the measured value of combined chlorine thanks to the new UV system Dulcodes 2S. In addition, chlorine-resistant germs in the water are reliably killed off. As soon as the concentration of by-products has fallen below the level required by DIN 19643, the UV system is automatically switched to standby mode to minimise costs, thereby ensuring that the system operates cost-effectively. In addition to its almost maintenance-free operation, the device offers a compact design and simple integration into existing pipework.

Tailor-made solutions

To avoid the typical 'swimming pool' smell, chloramines and suspended matter can be oxidised with ozone. This improves the clarity of the water without producing chemical by-products. The oxidising power of ozone covers all substances found in pool water. At interbad 2014 ProMinent will be presenting the ozone system OZONFILT® OZMa. Because DIN 19643 permits a 20% higher load level for ozone treatment compared with conventional methods, a smaller circulating pump, smaller filter and possibly a smaller pipe diameter can be used. As well as reducing investment costs, this also means lower operating costs thanks to less recirculation, smaller filter backwashing volumes (reducing water and energy costs as the water needs to be heated) and shorter backwashing times.

Flushing with chlorine dioxide

In the new revised version of DIN 19643, filter disinfection during backwashing is now also permitted with chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide systems like Bello Zon® CDLb are ideal for this type of application. The system produces a chlorine-free chlorine dioxide solution. The innovative, controlled process ensures excellent long-term stability, making the system ideal for applications where chlorine dioxide is not needed continuously (e.g. filter backwashing). What's more, no chlorine dioxide can escape from the system due to the closed gas circuit. The result is guaranteed to please all users: economical, environmentally friendly operation with minimal use of chemicals.

Matching Products

The chlorine metering system DULCODOS Pool Basic is a complete solution for private pools where the chlorine content is controlled using the low-maintenance measurement of the redox potential.


The chlorine metering system DULCODOS Pool Comfort is the convenient solution for pH adjustment and disinfection of swimming pool water with liquid chlorine products. Remote access to the in-built web server via Wi-Fi and LAN.


Chlorine metering system for individual adjustment and monitoring of all common hygiene auxiliary parameters in public pools. DULCODOS Pool Professional ensures crystal-clear water quality and lowers operating costs thanks to Eco!Mode.


Chlorine-free water treatment system for environmentally operated private pools. Safe water disinfection with active oxygen as a turnkey complete solution.


OZONFILT OZMa is synonymous with maximum operational safety and minimal operating costs. The ozone generator is maintenance-free and generates up to 420 g/h of ozone from compressed air.


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