ProMinent at aquanale 2015 - Electrolysis System CHLORINSITU® V Plus

September 2015

As an economical alternative to conventional chlorine products, at aquanale in Cologne between 27-30 October 2015 ProMinent is presenting a low-chloride and low-chlorate Smart Disinfection solution for treating swimming pool water: its electrolysis system CHLORINSITU® V plus.

Highly eco-friendly electrolysis systems use a vacuum process to convert harmless sodium chloride and water into a hypochlorous acid with an incredibly low chloride and chlorate content. If required, the acid can be produced in combination with sodium-calcium hypochlorite. Electrolysis takes place in two electrode chambers, split by a diaphragm, which keeps the highly effective, active chlorine separate from the sodium hydroxide. Because the process takes place entirely in situ, there is no need for the transport, storage or handling of hazardous chemicals.

Thought out down to the smallest detail

In the electrolysis system CHLORINSITU® V plus the active chlorine is dissolved directly in the pool water circuit to form hypochlorous acid. The chloride-free sodium hydroxide also produced is stored and can be used for effective pH correction of the pool water and to generate sodium-calcium hypochlorite. The surplus chlorine gas is bound to the sodium hydroxide and stored as sodium-calcium hypochlorite. This covers demand peaks, allowing the system to be configured for the average daily requirement to save energy. The sodium hypochlorite solution can then be added to the various pool water circulation systems using accurate ProMinent metering pumps or a custom-built Venturi system. It could also be used to disinfect the backflushing water in accordance with DIN 19643. This smart disinfection solution is perfect for leisure facilities with several pools.

Attractive alternative

The compact CHLORINSITU® V plus system features a modern PLC with a large illuminated display and integrated modem for remote diagnosis and troubleshooting. The long service life of the electrolysis cells, the low-cost raw material (sodium chloride), the reduced energy consumption and the fact that water can be treated without a neutralisation agent provide the user with an extremely economical setup. This electrolysis system is therefore a good alternative option for the safe disinfection of swimming pool water – particularly when highly effective hypochlorous acid is being metered and simultaneous pH correction is taking place.

Matching Products

  • Electrolysis systems of type CHLORINSITU V Plus generate ultra-pure chlorine gas directly on site and only need salt, water and electricity to do so. Peaks in demand can be covered by this system (Plus system). They are especially well suited to systems for disinfecting potable water, wastewater, process water and water in swimming pools and cooling towers.


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