ProMinent at ACHEMA 2015

June 2015

This year ProMinent GmbH will once again be represented at ACHEMA, from 15th- 19th June, 2015, the leading trade fair for chemical technology, environmental protection and biotechnology. ProMinent does not simply see itself as one of the world's leading suppliers of pumps, but much more as an integral solutions provider.

Ready for you with innovation, expertise and service

True to the motto "Ready for you. Any time and anywhere", customers are supported with our comprehensive expertise and service. In Hall 8.0, on Stand J94 industry professionals visiting from all over the world will be introduced to numerous new product innovations and enhancements to existing products.

X-tremely clever: The new metering pump gamma/ X
A particular highlight will be the newly-developed Solenoid Driven Metering Pump gamma/ X, which is setting new standards in productivity, reliability and cost-effectiveness. This metering pump covers the capacity range from 1 ml/h to 45 l/h (at 25 to 2 bar) and boasts pioneering control technology with predictive intelligence. In addition to this, the innovative solenoid control enables sensorless pressure measurement.

For maximum process reliability and flexibility
The Orlita® Evolution was developed as a hydraulic diaphragm metering pump, a guarantee for the highest process reliability and flexibility. The PTFE multi-layer diaphragm with integral diaphragm rupture warning system, integrated hydraulic relief valve and diaphragm position control protect against impermissible operating states and prevent damage in case of a blockage on the suction or pressure side, for example. The modular design with single and multiple pump versions therefore make a wide area of application possible. In the multiple pump systems, up to five metering units can be combined, even units with different pump capacities. Seven gear reductions are available in total.

Even safer: with integrated overload cut-off
Also at ACHEMA 2015: The motor driven metering pump Sigma with integrated overload cut-off. This proven pump is now even safer. As standard, it is equipped with a multi-layer diaphragm, an integrated diaphragm rupture warning system and as of right now also with an overload cut-off. On top of this, the engine is controlled via intelligent software that records motion and speed profiles in combination with the energy requirements. The software detects the amount of power needed and controls the supply of energy accordingly. This means energy savings of up to 30 percent can be achieved when operated at partial load.

Flexible control
Alongside the metering technology, our powerful and communicative Controller DULCOMARIN® II with Soft PLC is also being presented. With this device, in addition to pH corrections and disinfection tasks, it allows 4/6-way automatic valves or a flap controller to be controlled and monitored. Transparency when programming simplifies operation of the DULCOMARIN® II. Operation is possible via a smart phone, a tablet or a standard PC, from any location.

Innovative sensor technology
Online measuring parameters enable accurate measuring – without you having to stand next to the system, as ProMinent will demonstrate on Stand J94 in Hall 8 with their innovative sensor technology. ProMinent has expanded its product portfolio with the new, amperometric DULCOTEST® Sensor OZR. The sensor OZR 1-mA-2-ppm with a measuring range of 0.02 to 2 mg/l is ideal to continuously determine low concentrations of the ozone. For the first time, this sensor type makes it possible to reliably monitor the absence of ozone. The selective and precise measured values guarantee maximum process safety and are available round the clock for either monitoring or control in real time.

Efficient cooling water treatment
The efficient treatment of cooling water will also play an important role on the ProMinent stand at ACHEMA this year. "Ready for you. Any time and anywhere". There will be numerous further enhanced products and solutions for the treatment of cooling water. On the one hand, this field of application is faced with the challenges of reducing cooling water consumption and on the other with avoiding corrosion, deposits and biological growth. The controller AEGIS II was developed specifically for the treatment of cooling water in evaporator cooling water circuits. This device captures all the measurement parameters required and regulates the functions needed for trouble-free operation. For the safe and economic disinfection of cooling water, the Heidelberg-based manufacturer is presenting three different technologies at ACHEMA 2015: Disinfection with chlorine dioxide, ozone or hypochlorous acid.

Safety and efficiency leader
With the chlorine dioxide system Bello Zon® CDKc the Heidelberg-based manufacturer is setting new safety standards in the production of chlorine dioxide using the chlorite-acid method. The Bello Zon® CDKc is a ready-to-connect chlorine dioxide system for the production, metering and monitoring of up to 12,000 g/h of chlorine dioxide from concentrated source chemicals. A completely newly-developed reactor concept ensures the innovative production and metering of chlorine dioxide. This results in higher operating safety and improved purity of the generated chlorine dioxide.

Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly ozone production
Also on display is the ozone system OZONFILT® OZMa. It generates chemical-free ozone from ambient air or oxygen in an environmentally-friendly, highly-efficient way. The new design of the generator ensures low energy and cooling water consumption.

Safe and effective disinfection with cooking salt
As an economically viable and technically perfected alternative to the metering of conventional disinfectants, the new electrolysis CHLORINSITU® V Plus is also being exhibited in Hall 8 on Stand J94. The system generates chlorine, hydrogen and sodium hydroxide on site from common salt. The chlorine can either be metered into the water directly as hypochlorous acid or temporarily stored with the sodium hydroxide generated in the form of sodium hypochlorite.

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