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Process Overview Potable Water Supply

Process Overview Potable Water Supply

ProMinent offers the complete potable water treatment process from a single source: from consulting to operation to achieve the optimal technical and economic solution within given limiting conditions and requirements, the entire system for potabel water treatment must be individually planned.

The solutions are then implemented with ProMinent products optimally matched with one another. Complete solutions are available for standard applications.

Raw water

  • Sea water and brackish water
  • Surface water from lakes and rivers
  • Ground water and spring water

Potable water treatment

  • Flocculation
  • Precipitation
  • Filtration and adsorption
  • Removal of iron, manganese and arsenic
  • Softening and stabilisation
  • Microfiltration and ultrafiltration
  • Desalination
  • Hardening
  • Deacidising and pH adjustment
  • Oxidation
  • Disinfection using a wide range of processes

Potable water distribution

  • Disinfection and stabilisation in the water reservoir, in the pipework system and in the building installation

ADisinfecting raw water pretreatmentDChemical conditioning

process overview potable water supply

Chlorine dioxide plant Bello Zon®UV systems Dulcodes
Ozone systems OZONFILT®
and Bono Zon®
Pressurised/gravity filter
Interfilt® SK
ProMinent® dosing stations
Reverse osmosis
Chemical storage vessels and tanks
Membrane electrolysis Dulco® Zon

Dulcodes UV PlantsMeasuring, Control and Sensor TechnologyChlorine dioxide plants Bello Zon® CDV and CDKDulco®Zon Electrolysis PlantsStorage and Dosing TanksMeasuring, Control and Sensor Technology Measuring, Control and Sensor TechnologyDosing SystemsDosing SystemsDosing SystemsMeasuring, Control and Sensor TechnologyDulcosmose® Reverse Osmosis SystemsINTERFILT® SK Gravity FilterOzone PlantsChlorine dioxide plants Bello Zon® CDV and CDK
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