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Water Treatment for Argentinean Zoo

Water Treatment for Argentinean Zoo

TEMAIKEN is the name of the zoo built in mid-2002 approx. 50 km from Buenos Aires in Argentina. Visitors are confronted on approx. 34 hectares with fascinating insights into the animal world and flora of the different regions and continents. Architecture, fondly designed with sure instinct, comes up to the high demands of the installation - as does the water treatment which is extremely important for the “residents”. Aquaria and entire seascapes require a total water treatment of 1 700 m³/h. This is approximately the usage of a city with 150 000 inhabitants.

Beside the conventional methods (feculence segregation, sand and activated carbon filtration), the operators have chosen a further disinfection step with Ozone dosing in the branch current procedure  with our Argentinean agent, Rincomar S.A. and ProMinent Heidelberg as partners.

The 12 Bono Zon®, type BONa ozone generation plants supplied, together generate more than 1500 gram of Ozone per hour. The plants work separately i.e. each of them provides a single pond or an aquarium with the required amount of Ozone. Furthermore, multiple booster pumps as well as the entire measuring and control technology are included in the scope of supply.

For some aquaria, all components must be produced from a spezial polymer in order to avoid endangering the sensitive localisation organs of the aquarium residents.

A one-week orientation phase-in for the zoo personal, guided by Rincomar S.A., assured ideal work flow and happy animals right from the start.

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